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Write back soon!

Starting a day with a cup of coffee is relaxing but have you ever started your day opening the letterbox? Have you ever eagerly waited for the postman uncle to drop something for you?

Hey you are too loud, I can hear you thinking “Why would someone send letters for communication when we can we are just a text away! We are in 2021 already and flying to mars, she should me crazy waiting for letters!” but before you judge me of being old fashioned ask your parents, your uncles, and aunts how happy they felt while writing it or receiving it. They have embraced the pleasure of letter writing!

I was in standard six when my school took me on an excursion, also called an educational trip to Coimbatore’s head post office as a part of social studies. Along with teaching history, working, and schemes offered by postal services, we were given an inland card to write a letter to ourselves and post it to our home address. Searching for words to fill that one side inland card, we took the whole lunch break for it, But guess what? I was so eager to check for it, nagging my mom if the postman turned up, One and a half-day wait was too long for us but the happiness was immense and that was when I started this habit of letter writing exchanging & expressing happiness, wishes, gratitude, and of course surprising the love ones.

When you want to express all that piled up in your mind, in the space given, thinking and inking is fun and more engaging! Handwritten letters is an extension of the personality portraying the love and warmth between two individuals as well.

Today, probably the only house that receives inland letters is mine, and every morning and I kick start my day reading & night replying to them because there is happiness in waiting for a treasure to be received!

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