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Pieces of memories

Hey there! Here I am to share a wonderful memory that lingers in my heart for two decades. So what's in my hand? Chocolates? Nuts? Peppebles? Nope, it is used chalk pieces rather I would term it as used slivers that spread the aroma of beautiful memories! I was in Lower kindergarten when I stole… Continue reading Pieces of memories

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An Atheist until yesterday!

Yesterday, me and my mom, went out shopping to buy some puja items. While I was busy parking vehicle near pavement, my mom was busy with her purchase in the Puja store as temples were about to open in a couple of days after the COVID lockdown, and almost all puja stores were overwhelming with… Continue reading An Atheist until yesterday!

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Write back soon!

Starting a day with a cup of coffee is relaxing but have you ever started your day opening the letterbox? Have you ever eagerly waited for the postman uncle to drop something for you? Hey you are too loud, I can hear you thinking “Why would someone send letters for communication when we can we… Continue reading Write back soon!


India’s Unicorn Boom- 2021

It’s been only four and a half months in 2021 and India has already seen 13 unicorns! The number of unicorns has been rapidly increasing as investors believe in the accelerated growth opportunity digital in India offers.Covid-19 has expanded the total addressable market for the internet across many categories like e-commerce, SaaS, education, and health… Continue reading India’s Unicorn Boom- 2021

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Battling a losing war with ourselves!

When you are reading this right now, you might fall under any of these categories either positive or negative, which might change by the end of completing this paragraph. Come on I didn't mention COVID anywhere, why did you think of it, when you saw positive? COVID 19 should have been expired by's May… Continue reading Battling a losing war with ourselves!

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அளிப்பீரோ? அழிப்பீரோ ?

வெறும் சாயம் என்று உதாசீனம் செய்யும்குருடர்களுக்கு வரைகிறோம்;வெறும் கிறுக்கல் என்று கேட்காமல் செல்லும்செவிடர்களுக்கு கவிதை படைக்கிறோம்;கால் நோக ஆடுகிறோம்;மூச்சு அடைக்க பாடுகிறோம்;ரேகை தேய தாளம் இசைகிறோம்;அழகாய் சிற்பம் செதுக்குகிறோம்;அறிவாய் நுட்பம் புகுத்துகிறோம்;வளர்பிறைக்குப்பின் தேய்பிறையோ?கலைஞன் மட்டும் விதிவிலக்கோ?களை நீக்கினால் பயிர் ஓங்கும்,கலை நீக்கினால் எங்கள் உயிர் நீங்கும்!பொழுதுபோக்கு உமக்கு;பொன்னான வாய்ப்பு எமக்கு;உம் சட்டைப்பை பணம் வேண்டாம்…மனமார ஒரு கைத்தட்டல் போதும்!அளிப்பீரோ?அழிப்பீரோ ?

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Dear Gossip-Monger

Stop acting so cheap,Restrain from what you speak!You sniff around houses,Their conversations,Make your own assumptions,Of their relation,He Hooks-up…She broke-up…They Screw-up…Stop the mess-up,For you have already Fucked-up!Your half-spoken truthAre just a match stickWith a capacity to burnLush forest quick!To all the rumor-monger,Scuttlebutt slander,Workless chit-chatter,For you, To gossip is to natter,Remember, for meYour opinion doesn't matter!

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Land of Hundred Mountains

I am ain't a wanderlust, but I have never let a chance to travel go! For me, Travel teaches modesty and reminds me that whatever sorrow occupied in my mind is small and there is a life to explore, to live! If you have read good travelogues, you would know how tempting, urging it is… Continue reading Land of Hundred Mountains

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Dear Gentlemen,

A poem dedicated to all the gentlemen in the world!