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Land of Hundred Mountains

I am ain’t a wanderlust, but I have never let a chance to travel go! For me, Travel teaches modesty and reminds me that whatever sorrow occupied in my mind is small and there is a life to explore, to live!

If you have read good travelogues, you would know how tempting, urging it is to see, experience and live the place once, because traveling is the healthiest addiction like reading books.

The happiness to read a travelogue in your mother tongue is something inexpressible, that too from your favorite author! Author Jeyamohan is one of the most influential Tamil and Malayalam writer, who works are inspired from humanitarian thinker Leo Tolstoy. Being an extensive traveler, no doubt he blends his experiences and the right choice of words to pass on the same experience to readers.

In this book ” Nooru Nilangalin Malai” ( Land of hundred mountains), the author explores the unexplored Jammu, Kashmir, Lada, and Manali. Starting from Bangalore Airport to landing in Coimbatore Airport, the way the book engages us is incredible. Neither I have seen the Himalayas nor touched snow, thanks for the book which made me suffocate with lack of oxygen, which made me travel through scary roads, which froze me, which showed me monasteries, which gave me a chance to meet Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa, Thangavelu, also to the book that explained how is lives of People in extreme North India, when we complain our luxuries.

” Like all the water is Ganga; all the mountains are the Himalayas”, says Jeyamohan

Thanks to the author, who took me on a long tour for just 160 rupees.

Happy reading!

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