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Dear Poonkuzhali,

Hope this madal finds you in pink of your health!

It’s been 252 days, 6048 hours, and 362880 seconds since we got introduced and our journey began, and it’s been 2 months 25 days since you left me all alone in this selfish world as you say always. I think about you as often as the waves touch the seashore and awaiting for your boat near Kadamboor. Eyes looking for you, heart longing for you…

Take me back, take me to Eelam(Sri Lanka), Take me to “Pootha Theevu”(Devils’s island) and this time I will try rowing your boat, don’t worry I won’t let it sink! Even if I drown, I know, I have you, my life jacket to save me! I wanna watch you sailing through giant tides and listen to singing,  “Alaikadalum Oindhu irukka…agakkadaltan Ponguvathu yen?…”

Hey! The next time we meet I have some questions for you…

 Who named you? Is it Your deaf aunt Manthagini? But how come she knew that your voice is as sweet as Kuzhal (an ancient flute-like instrument). Who taught you those boat riding skills? How can you act both brave and fragile at the same time? How could you still be kind to Vanathi knowing she is gonna marry Arunmozhi? Why did you choose Senthan Amuthan over Ponnin Selvan? And finally, do you have any idea how much I miss you?

I bet, even just a percent of determination, valor, and courage of what you showed thousand years ago will help Gen Z to lead life happily!

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