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Happiness in disguise!

I was in standard eight when I met them for the first time. It was 7: 30 in the evening, while we waited outside the prayer hall for the sister, the children headed towards dining for dinner after their routine prayer, and after ten minutes the sister appeared carrying a small baby in her hands.

She apologized for making us wait and with a divine smile; she told, “ Look at the pretty baby angel, she was rescued from a dustbin near park yesterday. She is just a week young! Don’t you think it’s too early for her to leave the world? Maybe that’s why Jesus disguised as a corporation worker to rescue her from street dogs!”. Saying so she bends down so that I can touch her soft fingers. Yes, the sister was right, she looked like an angel in camouflage, with tiny hands, pinky lips, and was a half-asleep.

Suddenly, I hide behind my mom’s saree and started weeping, at that time I didn’t know that what I experienced was a form of survivor’s guilt. Then we reached dining to serve sweets to the children. I have never experienced such a feeling in my life when the children sang “ Happy birthday to you!” and suddenly turned their hands pointing me singling “May God bless you Sha la la la laa…”

I tried to move out of the place, I couldn’t control myself, I was unusually emotional and then someone pulled my shawl, when I looked down, there was a little girl, she showed her plate and asked for an extra Jalebi. Unlike others she might be naughty I thought , she smiled whenever I placed a Jelabi on her plate, when asked her for the name, she smiled, when asked for standard she smiled, when asked if he liked the food, she smiled again. My brain sounded, “ She might be deaf and dumb!” but then the sister told, she was rescued from the railway station and they are trying to reach a polyglot, to find what language she understands and speaks. Likewise, every child in the ashram had untold tales with them, while few didn’t have even that.

That was the First time where I experienced survivor’s guilt and the Joy of Giving! Since, then I play the role of almighty whenever I can, with whatever I have. I know, I am just a pebble in a mighty ocean, some people run big organizations lending helping hands generously, still, I wanted to share my story and if I inspire at least one reader, this post has served its purpose.

If you have never experienced the joy of sharing, try at least once in your lifetime, if you have nothing with you to share, at least spare some time with the needy to realize how blessed we are.

For them, from their next meal to their future everything is unpredictable, but those children were neither worried nor stressed because they realized they are Children of God, maybe it’s your turn now to play the role of almighty to them and someone might play the say role for you in near future!

“ Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with poor” Proverbs 22:9

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